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Export Packaging

Land, Sea, or Air – Rapid-Pac Crating has a solution to package items for any mode of transport.

Let the export packaging experts at Rapid-Pac assist you in coming up with the very best way to package your cargo for international shipping. We ensure that our crates meet international shipping standards whether that means using heat treated wood or custom crates that are built to ISPM 15 standards.

Rapid Pac Crating Export Packaging

Protecting your cargo with Rapid-Pac

Rapid-Pac offers many different export packaging solutions to protect your cargo. Our experts can incorporate mounting and cushioning measures to reduce shock and impact damage. Foam, dunnage and interior blocking/bracing are among other popular export packaging methods Rapid-Pac can incorporate into your solution.

Among many other things, Rapid-Pac offers methods to protect your cargo your items at a more personal level. With the use of poly wrap, stretch film and scrim bags, we can ensure the maximum protection of your cargo from getting bounced around during transit or the often unpredictable forces of nature.


At a Glance

Crating and Loading

  • IPPC ISPM-15 Certified for Export
  • Container Loading
  • Air Freight Crates
  • Ocean Crates
  • Large Equipment Crates


  • Shock Mounting & Cushioning
  • Foam
  • Dunnage
  • Interior Blocking and Bracing
  • Poly Wrap
  • Stretch Film
  • Scrim Bags

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